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Claudia Professional Voice Talent

From her own recording studio or in external ones,

Claudia always shows true professionalism. Responsive, available and perfectionist,

you will be experiencing a trustful and easy going collaboration.

Claudia's Medley

Commercial - Corporate - Training

Airbus - Narration

Radio Ad : Audi

The "plus"

I know the energy and time you have

dedicated to develop your project,

and my voice’s contribution is definitely a part

of your success. You and me, we are sharing the same passion and the same goal: doing a great job and achieve great results!

Easy to work with, Claudia’s only goal is: meet your expectations, whatever the time she will dedicate to your project, highly paid or not. Whether it be television or radio commercials, business or internet, character, video game, telephone, narration or corporate, Claudia delivers prompt and professional voice work in a variety of styles, from fun, conversational and light-hearted, to classy and professional. Warm, natural, animated, inspirational, impactful, believable, meaningful, convincing, narrative, educational, characters…

Listen and discover my style ! You don’t find the one you need?

You can ask for a free custom demo ! Just send me a sample of

your script with your instructions… and that’s it !

Kasper & Kent Immobilier

Kluwer Formations – Social Skills

Radio Ad - English

Claudia Experimented Voice Over

On Hold - Phone Messages

Marketing - Internet SanteVet

E-Learning | Training

Legal - Labor code

My latest favorites

Being the Voice of famous Exhibitions: Balenciaga, L'oeuvre Au Noir - Dalida | Paris

A narration for Airbus, describing the visit of the Statue Of Liberty

Dubbing female survivors for the Immigration Museum of Ellis Island NY…

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German Cooperation Agency

E-Learning - Old Lady

Radio | The Monte Carlo Ballets

Balenciaga - L'oeuvre au Noir

E-Learning | Training


Dubbing Mooc

Tale - Shalateen

Voix Off Claudia

Corporate, promotional or explicative, each of these recording has been done upon the client’s instructions and the production’s needs. Art Directors, Agencies, Sound Engineers or Studios provide a detailed brief of the project and the recording takes place during a live directed session or by my own! As a result, what you hear is what the client wanted you to listen !

Claudia Voix® - 2008 - 2018

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A recording in an external Studio?

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+33 (0)6 81 25 27 09

GDF Suez - Vertuoz Habitat

Born in Paris, Claudia is a Professional French Voice Over offering multiple voice skills.

Thanks to her natural, warm yet singular voice tone and a wide vocal register, Claudia can adapt

her voice to any projects.

Claudia’s voice can turn from

warm and smooth to upbeat,

captivating, cynic, elegant, neutral,

hysterical, smooth, natural, sexy, happy, believable, authoritative, frightening,

smily, educational…